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John Behrens
Mühlenstrasse 4
265335 Elmshorn
VAT ID/ BTW NR: DE 238894878

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We are located in Elmshorn Germany a nice Town directly in the north of Hamburg, our office is located in the "Gewerbepark Deichstrasse" next to the small beautiful river Krückau which is a side arm of the Elbe.
Elmshorn is part of the state Schleswig Holstein and part of the Metropolregion Hamburg it belongs to the district Pinneberg and is close to Glücksstadt, Uetersen, Tornesch, Barmstedt and Itzehoe. In our office the best Webdeveloper of the Region Elmshorn we could say PHP Elmshorn so if you need experienced PHP Developer in Hamburg PHP Region do not hesitate to contact us. From our office we can reach almost any location in North Germany within 2 hours also there is good connection to Airport and Railways Distance to Hamburg Airport 25km
Distance to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof 25min by Train